Thursday, 10 June 2010

My first kill in the black rabbits

Well last night saw me get my first kill as a black rabbit acadamy student!!
the night started a little dull, I have created a mining trader alt on the same accout as astral named vespa dominix, it cuts in to astrals training time a little but im hoping it will provide a semi passive income to help keep astral in the black as an outlaw. The start of my night saw me applying to get her into the white rabbits (the mission runner/logistic's corp of the guristas alliance- very good corp if you want some protection in lowsec) and completing the tutorial missions and doing a little mining, she is training for a mining barge at the moment and is making me a mill or two a night when I have time, im hoping she will grow but its more a side project.
Anyway as i was mining i was pestering mail lite about getting out on a roam, after a couple of hours he was ready and we got going, both of us took rifters out to as we progressed a couple of jumps into the roam we were joined by another rabbit in a nasty little scan probe ship, he was hunting our targets for us, however the first few got wise/lucky and ran away. we were joined by a few more ships as we progrssed through the systems until we found a rupture doing a mission, the scan ship warped to him and got a point on him the rest of us followed and he was quickly taken to structure, 30 million was asked for in ransom (and the rabbits always honor ransoms) he gave us a counter offer of 400k and then took a pot shot at mail..very stupid...the kill mail is here. we then managed to point his pod again 30 million ransom for shooting at us..his reply was to "kill him or fuck off" . now as i am new and still have high sec status i was allowed to pop his pod and take the sec hit :)
my first step towards that flashy -10

have fun.