Friday, 18 June 2010

my 2 cents on getting into PVP

Some people are scared of PVP in eve, they dont understand it and have the wrong attitude towards it. thats not to say PVP is for everyone, but for those wishing to "have a stab at it" here is some advice:

In the begining being able to fly one ship really well is much more useful than being able to fly 10 ships poorly.

You do not need uber skills, however to begin with if you have poor skills you should PVP in fleets with people that know what they are doing.

To begin a fast tackler is more useful than doing much damage.

when you buy a PVP ship tell yourself you WILL lose it - its just a question of how many ships it kills first.

Try to avoid gimp fits because you are scared to lose the mods, if you fit a ship with cheap mods because you know you will lose it you kill your potential and start all fights at a disadvantage, fit as if you will win and you just might.

you CANNOT garuntee a win, but you can up your odds.

If posible find a corp that will Teach you PVP for either 0.0 or lowsec, fly as a team.

Learn to use the D-scan. then never stop.

IF you sit still fights find you, or you can go look for your fights. generally the one that find you are the ones you cant win.

Obay the FC, if he tells you to tackle a ship and you know you will lose your ship dont worry, the rewards are normally worth it.

Just some helpful (ish) advicve, Id love to tell all newb's to come fly the areas of lowsec i now inhabit but that wouldn't be fair. but give PVP a go if your bored popping rats and rocks, its a reall buzz!
Oh and if your gonna turn pirate...YARRRRRRRR!