Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Calm before a storm?

Hello loyal reader types! I have spent the last few days trying to settle in to my new home in the black rabbit acadamy, there is a lot to Learn, so far I have been on a short roam however we didn't find any fights while I was there a lot of reading of the forums ( it's a training Corp so there is oodles of information) and moving ships about to my new home. All in all it seems to be going well, although i expected more rum and fights I am assured it's on the way!

On a side note mail lite has been a star for info and for anyone not reading his beginings of piracy blog... Go read it!!
On the plus side apparently since I posted I had joined there has been a surge of applications , which tells me either a lot of people Wanna turn pirate but lack info or a lot of people wanna kill me. I choose to belive the former!

Will keep you posted

Have fun guys