Sunday, 2 October 2011

of the last few weeks

I have been busy of late, so sorry the blog has been suffering, I cant promise it will change massively any time soon, but i do want to get back to a regular posting mind set.
so what have I been doing..well I attended gamefest in Birmingham, which was great but would have been better if there had been a Eve stall know if a few thousand hardcore gamer's converge the might get a few new subs!!
next I have been playing a lot of gears 3, but this is a eve blog so that's all I will say.

Lastly I have booked my next holiday, which is costing a fooking bomb! as a result I have had to let one subscription lapse for a month :( the one with all three of my main toons, I do have a second account which was given to me by ccp for a year for running this very blog, that one has my alt Bombatsu on it, who is a a bit of a miner /hauler / training orca pilot.

As a result I felt it may be worth while checking out another mmo, for bit of change and to see if I like it, so I have created and started playing a LotRo account, not bad so far..think I will keep the account open but it feels off to me, when i craft things I think "why am I making this.. I could just buy it" the economy is very different to eve's player driven economy. It actually re lit my fire for eve a bit, surprisingly for the indy side.

So tonight I logged in Bombatsu and decided to go make a start on some ice mining as it would be nice to have a decent isk balance for once, however on attempting to make a start ...the tosspot's in goonswarm have camped every ice belt in gallant space and a ganking all miners..some protest to ccp about god knows what, hard to get a straight answer from the goons ..and not sure i would believe it if I did.
Oh well maybe tomorrow my ice mining retriever will get a work out.