Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wicked warchild

So at the moment in the crimson guards, it seems to be just me and one other guy on and active a lot of the time in the eu timezone, his name is wicked warchild and after a few nights off chatting we are getting on pretty well..
So last night warchild decided to move a  bit closer to me so we can team up for some pvp fun when the big fleets arn't out and we started arsing around hunting in loes and argoze, I was flying a venge and warchild was in a comet. after a little while we found a catalyst running a minor plex, we made a quick plan for warchild to go in and start a fight then warp to the sun hopefully drawing the dessie out of the plex to a ambush as my assult frig cant enter the minors. Sadly the catalyst didnt go for the bait but during the fun a rifter turned up and sat on the accel I warped over to see  if i could get him to fight ..I landed  locked him up and began shooting from about 35 km,  as I called for warchild to join me a flashy thrasher landed behind me..sensing a trap I bugged out to assess, aparently so did the rifter. Which left warchild and the thrasher about sitting about 70 km apart..
I warped back to warchild and burned for the thrasher but in an armour ship your not exactly I made my first mistake at about 35 km I asked warchild in his much faster ship to grab tackle, the dessie wasnt running I should have waited until I was closer.
Warchild got the tackle and started melting the dessie but popped as the dessie entered that point I was entering optimal and finished the thrasher off. Apparently warchild also forgot to start his repper qickly enough so without those two minor cockups we probably wouldnt have lost a ship.
I did offer to pay for the comet as it was my call to grab tackle early but warchild was happy with the fight, I did insist he took the loot as compensation. All in all I think it could be the beginings of a superb little pvp team!
If any of this sounds like your cup of tea and your looking to join up with the  gall milita, drop me or kirith kodachi an eve mail and have a chat about joining up, we are looking for people with the right intrests and good attitudes to join our team.
Fly classy.