Thursday, 20 January 2011

Keep it under you hat, but... a bit worried.
With this latest patch for eve we got the character creator..which to be honest was the bit I was looking forward to the most.
Trouble is my laptop cannot handle the creator. It can run the game fine if I turn the graphics down a tad but the creator is a no go for me. Tis initially pissed me off, as I wanted to play with my new toy. I tried updating drivers switching menus in the esc screen and every other method of getting it to work posted all over the internet, nothing.
Then panic set in as it was announced we have 1 month then you MUST use the character creator to redo your toons..
Now at this point I will say I fully intend to buy another laptop, after the 5 grand holiday I have half paid for! So I either lose 2 and a half grand deposit on a holiday or make do with the laptop for 3-5 months? But if I do that no eve.
It was quite a dilemma.
So I did the most sensible thing I could think of at the time. I spoke to a friend who had a gaming decktop of high specs, and asked him to create the toon’s, giving him a rough idea what I wanted. I will keep him nameless incase I have violated the EULA (I of course took precautions of changing passwords before and after, and used some one I know and trust quite well)
So I have now 3 new faces, but still cant use the creator.
Now what has me really worried is everything I have read said the creator was slow as hell and choppy on everything but the most modern gaming PC’s, so even if I go drop £700 on a new laptop in a few months am I gonna be bonned for incarna? My gut says yes.
Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the direction CCP is going with this, but personally I think they are in danger of cutting of a large part of the subscriber base by taking the system requirements to high to fast.
Hope we can all keep up.