Monday, 31 January 2011

Millions while you sleep

Hey guys,

I had something playing on my mind over the last few days. I had a comment on one of my posts once that said “if your not making millions while you sleep, your doing something wrong.”
I have often made a little while I slept but never millions, I have tried a little trading however the constant altering of buy and sell order bores me, as does keeping track of margins of profit and loss..I am not a trader. I am also not very industrial, I always thought to make much money building stuff you needed a lot of skills to keep the costs down and some expensive BPO’s.
I have recently learned that opinion is rubbish.
We recently had a new player join Btek, by the name BLKhawke, who has been carebearing with a group of us that run lvl 4 missions a lot (myself and 3-4 others) but as she hasn’t yet aquired the skills to fly a drake or anything powerful she has been following behind us in a noctis (named “hoover of DOOM”). Blk took some advice from a few of us and bought some useful BPOs (large CCC rigs ect) and we all sorta agreed BLK could keep all the salvage if she built us some free rigs when we needed them..
Figured shed make a few mill to buy her own drake right…a few days salvageing with us..after building several large rigs for us for FREE..BLK has made over 100 million!

This has convinced me is will salvage the missions I do solo in future (in fleets I still prefer to let new members hoover up, I’m a nice director) and maybe make a few rigs. I think I will also give PI another go with vespa, I’m sure I could set up a few planets making POS fuel (that will always sell right?) and now it has 14 day cycles it might not be the giant ball ache it was before.
Are you guys making millions while you sleep? If you are let me know how!

Oh and while I think of it, If there is any Corps out there looking to join a New Industrial alliance, check out Pheonix industrial, we are new and rapidly expanding. On a smaller level if any pilots are looking for a laid back home check out “Btek pub” for a chat, you could be the next player making a easy 100 mill!