Friday, 21 January 2011

A question for you all

Good morning happy people, today I have a question for the eve community..I am looking for opinion’s.
As most of you that read the blog know, I am running a lot of LVL 4s in between my odd lowsec adventures for the purposes of isk generation and raising my security status so I may travel semi freely through empire.
At current I am able to field a T2 fit battleship (I’m using a Apoc to keep costs down at the moment) and can solo *most* lvl 4s with out too much trouble.
My question is, would a command ship be a better option? I am not far off being able to fly a Damnation (HAM fit) and not that much further off flying a Absolution.
I’m liking the idea of a faster ship that is more nimble, but would the tank on the command ships be up to the incoming DPS from lvl 4s? the higher base resists make me think they should but does anyone use them that could advise me, Im only really interested in Amarr ships as training for any others at the moment would seem a waste.
I often start the lvl 4s solo, however I tend to have people gravitate towards me, so I normally wind up in a small fleet by the end of the night. But I need a ship that can SOLO them easy.
I did consider training a marauder but now with the noctis I won on somer blink I don’t see the point, salvaging is quite fast and painless.

Comments very welcome..

Its my 30th birthday nex Tuesday (25th) for those that know me, I will be online celebrating at some stage that day (Also any one that wants to send me a birthday gift…I like exotic dancers and expensive ships lol.)