Thursday, 23 December 2010

astrals letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Its me Astral Dominix. Now I know I haven’t really been very good this year, as there was rather a lot of piracy, but I think we can come to some understanding about putting me on the nice list.
Cos I recently trained slay jamming to v, and if I make it on to the naughty list im gonna set up a gate camp and pod ya , hohoho!
Now santa, aside form the little bit of piracy I have been a very good capsuleer, so I have asked for some big presents this year..
I want ….
A shiny new Absolution command ship.
Half a dozen pvp fit Abitrators.
A full set of snake implants
And several case’s of rum and a frisky exotic dancer.

Hope you and Rudolf are well…if you want to stay that way make sure the above is in my hanger in jel by the 25th. Merry Christmas.