Thursday, 16 December 2010

eve on a mobile...soon?

Ok let me start by saying this post is more iphone and smart phone related than eve, if you have no interest in them skip this post.

Ok now its just us.. as some of you know I have an Iphone 3gs, 16gb, its nice. When I got it, it was a huge leap forward from the blackberry I had before. Then a few months ago I saw a post from our own blog father CK showing the eve client running on a over clocked android smart phone. It looked very cool
Since then I have been doing a lot of research on iphone vs android and some reading on how this was done.

The phones in question arnt really capable of running the eve client, what they are doing is using a app available on android that is similar to VNC to remote dial into their PC to play eve over the phone, this does come with some downsides as virtual keyboards pose a problem and apparently it suffers badly with FPS issues but is useable for market orders and mining ect. Also security of the connection is a issue, however the pros of being able to tap in from work school or trains ect would be massive. 8 hours a day mining would make a nice few isk for most people!

As a result I have been watching the development of android phones closely and with the upcoming release of a duel core mobile, I think the need for over clocking may be coming to an end..

On a side note the differences in android phones seem to be coming on in leaps and bounds and by the time I get offered a upgrade in 2012 I think I may well opt for the increased freedom of a android phone over the constrictions of apple.

It will mean however saying goodbye to a host of features available through apple, and part of me is hoping a similar sort of remote functionality becomes available on the iphone, or even better a CCP written “lite” client to be able to install and play from the iphone securely, that would be REALLY sweet.
I will have to keep dreaming for now but the day is coming where I can access eve from a mobile( while taking a crap at work) mwhahahaha