Monday, 20 December 2010

back on the horse

Well desire to play eve properly kicked in again Sunday. I got up to quite a bit to make up for lost time. I started off logging on thinking I would work on some ratting, flying a rifter through low egghelende to ishomilkin and back.
This probably wasn’t my best idea on a Sunday as lowsec is quite active with piwates hunting belts, still only a rifter.
I got 3 jumps out in a system with 2 belts…warped in, and found a sansha cruiser and a sansha lord BS, too good to resist! Unfortunately one of the other gits in system had the same thought and came to relieve me of said rifter. Gf.

Slightly miffed, I podded back to jel and decided to run some missions, I got quite a nice lvl 3 (blockade) which I dragged out over a few hours to gain sec status, after 3 hours of : kill 5 ships- warp out – wait 20 mins- warp back – kill 5 ships- repeat. I gained about 0.2 sec status (which doesn’t sound like much but is almost half way to flying in a 0.7 system) and a few million.
I decided it was a good idea to use the cash from the mission to build a new arbitrator to do some exploration. That only takes about 10 mill, I keep them cheap so if I lose them I don’t care, I reason that I make 20-40 mill per site so if I can average a few sites before I get scanned down I’m well in front. After id built it I had some spare cash so I decided to build a “experimental” lowsec bestower for moving crap to and from my lowsec hub, again its cheap so I wont mind if I lose it and I shouldn’t be carrying more than 50 mill in good’s (in theory) if it doesn’t work I suppose I will invest the training to get a blockade runner. Anyway the bestower is fitted with a few warp stabs and nano fit loses cargo space but should be nippy and hard to catch.
While I was waiting for our CEO to move some bits for me through the highsec parts I cant enter I used vespa to move some mins I have been collecting about..I now have between a third and half what I need to build my abaddon..I’m in no big rush as I only use them on lvl 4s and I cant do them with fed navy until I can enter 0.8 systems.
While all this was going on I found out the OLD CEO of Btek has become active again (welcome back marv if your reading this) will be interesting to see what happens there as I know Reltso our current CEO is looking to join a alliance (yes we have one in mind now) .
I also heard one of our newer members saying he was grinding lvl1’s for fed navy, I decided id give him a leg up and invited him to run some lvl3s as everyone else seemed to be on a mining op. they were quite fun, had a interesting time dashing across egghelende a few times for 1 mission, but we both made it with out losses (despite the piss poor gate camps- lazy and disorganised) after he had to leave I jumped back to lowsec and did a little exploration, only managed to do 1 radar site before the wife demanded I watch some Christmas movies with her but as I had been playing for hours I didn’t complain. I logged off, happy with the days play and with a much better feeling about eve as a whole than I have had of late.