Thursday, 16 December 2010

voice coms...its not all good.

I’ve been thinking a bit today (yes it hurt) about voice coms in eve…they are a wonderful tool, and a huge pain in the ass for many.
Im not looking to change corps or anything but I look through the recruitment forums now and again, and one of the most common requirements for corps (behind a limited API) is “must be able to use voice” …for PVP I totally understand I have tried to FC without voice and to be honest it doesn’t work. But for mining? Ratting? Its not needed.

Im not against voice in any way, I think it adds a very fun social side to eve that many enjoy as much or more than the game itself, but for a lot of us it bars us from the majority of the corps. If you have kids/wife/ overactive dog ect you may not WANT to be on voice all the time, if at all. Not because you cant or there is anything to hide but if your on the sofa with the wife lost in something like “strictly come celebrity factor” she isn’t gonna be amused when your aguing with your mates that piracy isn’t wrong…
Infact it will spur on a argument over the game she resents you playing because your “ignoring her” for several hours. ..however, as I have learned, if you spurn voice in favour of throwing the odd comment her way, and do things where you make her a drink and a snack now and again, all arguments are avoided and she appreciates the use of the TV. Much better.
The limiting thing is you wont meet the requirements for most corps and null sec is almost totally out of bounds ( I have never heard of a null corp that doesn’t insist on voice coms) lowsec becomes far more dangerous as you can only operate effectively solo, even large swaths of high sec think don’t want you.

There is hope however some corps, like btek, don’t require voice, we do still have the option but many don’t use it, it means you can pretty much play your way doing what you want. The voice is there if you wanna chat if not just type. Its very flexible, but can seem a little more distant.

There is no real solution to this problem and it exists across all games not just eve, but older players tend not to use voice as much, teenagers locked up in there rooms on there own playing have no such restrictions but they will understand in 10 years..
Some have an understanding partner or make deals for some “quality time with eve” but the fact is family comes first and it can seriously dent your prospects in eve.
Im sure there is pleanty of people who disagree with some of this but I know a LOT more casual eve players are in this boat ..maybe a lot more than people realise, but they tend not to be vocal or well known because of there assumed “lack of commitment”.

Musing over.