Wednesday, 15 December 2010

im leaving...the blog pack

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately but I have been VERY lax with anything eve related..its weird because I’m not bored with it, I just cant seem to find the motivation at the moment to do very much. I log in run a few lvl3’s ( I can access lvl 4’s with fed navy, but only in 0.6 systems which is some what limiting) I normally log off after an hour or two, sometimes mid mission, my money is slowly building as is my stock pile of minerals from salvaged crap – I am planning on using the min’s to build a abbadon for running lvl 4’s, I could just buy one but building one seemed like a good way to use all the crap I salvage while I’m gaining sec status.
And on to sec status, my god is it ever slow. See I am now only really gaining sec status through mission running, which doesn’t go very fast as most rats don’t count and the ones that do, well they don’t give big frequent increases.
It’s a real pain because the corp tends to be running social lvl 4s in the evening id like to join in with but they all seem to be in 0.8 or 0.9 systems. CCP really needs a better system for gaining sec status than the one that is in place, and until you have to climb back you don’t see how broken it is. Still I’ll get there in time.
I did get a very generous donation the other day from a lovely woman reader of my blog who wished to remain anon, 100 mill contribution toward my plex funds for a alt, I have currently saved about 200 mill, I am aiming to get enough for 2 plex, which with the 21 friend code I will send myself should give me enough time with the alt that the second account will pay for its theory. I am currently sending all surplus money and donations to my piggy bank slot “sekrit banker” and its is building up quite nicely, I think I am gonna need about 800 mill so about quarter of the way there.
Lastly due the infrequent postings I am going to send a email to CK to remove me from the blog pack, I will still be active and posting, just less often, the blog pack has been a huge inspiration and help to me when I started blogging and gave me a nice steady reader base but I feel its time to let someone else have the limelight I was afforded. It would be my personal preference to give it to a new player with a new blog as I find reading about people as they begin there eve career more interesting than large fleet battles or the endless “I’m a uber pilot” blog’s. Reading about people’s mistakes and how they learn and overcome take me back to when I was new and making those mistakes, and recaptures the fun for me. But its CK’s baby and he will put whoever he thinks in there.
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Talk soon peeps.