Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The twilight zone

Good morning people!!
I apologize for the lack of postings recently, I have been consumed with other christmas…and rum.
Eve has become a quiet release from shopping for me over the last week or two. I have taken part in a corp ice mining op..dull but takes the weight off our CEO who works his socks off to meet our needs. It did point out how much work I need to put in with Vespa to make her a competent miner, trying to harvest ice alongside 3 mackinaws really highlights highlight’s my need to improve vespa’s mining ability. Need to get her into a hulk ASAP.

I said a post or two ago I was going to train vespa to run missions..I scrapped that. Trying to make her a combat pilot isn’t working she is a carebear. Killing things with her just feel's..wrong.

I have resigned myself of late to spending a night with the corp mining to buld the various ships I desire, the next night I wander aimlessly around lowsec with astral popping cruisers. I hope to be able to renter 0.7 systems by Christmas and resume mission running with him.

Long term I am planning on using astral as intend- a combat pilot/mission runner. Vespa as a miner, and on the accumulation of enough isk (god willing) I will start a second account for a orca/freighter pilot so assist vespa and in time take over her PI and building duties so she is a pure hulk pilot. Which I plan to funsd with plex so the wife doesnt kick off.
But this is all subject to change at a moments notice on a whim.

I have had a revelation of sorts recently.. I was kinda bummed since I left null about how slow gaining sec status was. Also how slow training 2 toon’s on 1 account was…about how I wasn’t doing the stuff I wanted to be doing.
Then it hit me like a shovel!
Whats the rush?
Im a carebear essentially at the moment..I have all the ships I need, I have all the isk I need, if it takes a month to raise sec status or 6 months in the long run it’s not that big a deal…taking 3 months to work on vespa..not that big a deal when im looking at 2-3 year skill plans. just sit back and smell the roses.
Everything seems more relaxed and sedate when you stop waiting for things and just, go with the flow. The down side to this I have become lax on my blogging too.

On a more interesting note-
I have been popped twice while doing some exploration, once by forgetting I couldn’t enter 0.6 space yet (and being a little drunk) and once when a corp mate came out to give it a go and brought a dominix with him…which drew the attention of the local pirates, who appeared just as I cop wife aggro of “are you gonna help me wrap these Christmas preasents or not!!”
I have however got about 60 mill in loot sitting in a station in lowsec, all small and moveable in my new pilgrim, I could have had twice that much in a few days if I dedicated myself a little more but casual is fun at the moment for me.

I will report more as life picks back up and I can get back to doing more interesting things, but for now im in a weird twilight zone of eve…