Thursday, 3 February 2011

I miss lowsec

Had a bit of fun last night.
I logged on after a explosive argument with my electricity supplyer..muppets. anyway I wanted some stress relief, so when I logged on to the imidiate question from my CEO “wanna run some sites in low with me” I jumped at it. I jump cloned out to Lerm, where I had a arby fit for exploration waiting..
Relt my CEO was fitting up his own cruiser and bringing a cov ops as I hadn’t replaced mine yet from my ninja experiment. So I figured I would refit for more of a PVP set up in case…sorry for when we got interrupted. I was buying the bits I needed (I was also selling the bits I needed which worked well lol) when a fleet of 20 jumped into system, which wasn’t uncommon, however at this point I realised I didn’t have a tracking disruption script.. ine was available 2 jumps out..and relts was still building his cruiser..
I made the 2 jumps with out incident, but as I landed in the system I noticed a fleet of 20 in local..a quick d scan showed nothing much, so I hoped they were docking up for a bio break during a roam..I docked at the station I needed and bought the script…then checked the stations guest list..
19 other pilots…
All from well known pirate corps ..
Like VETO and Shadow cartel..
I figured it was a long shot but I undocked and was hoping id sod off before they noticed I was gone.
As I undocked I saw a drake sitting off the station in my haste I miss clicked the warp out…bugger I tried again already knowing it was to late…I almost warped but the drakes lock and scram kicked in.
I re docked in half armour
I thought id play in local with a jibe about station camping and got the response “but astral..low sec is dead..we cant be station camping you”
That made me chuckle..I may have been on the receiving end but I liked these pirates.
I sat for about 5 mins chatting and hopped they would get bored ..
They didn’t.
I then figured if I tried again I might align and make it before they could point me, the arby had a fast-ish align time, if the drake was still waiting..
It wasn’t.
Instead I was greeted by a loki..shit!
The scram was on in seconds and I couldn’t re dock before the T3 ship shredded me.
I warped the POD out and posted a GF in local and thanked them for the fun..I had by this point completely forgotten why I was stressed. ..however I now needed to go get my other Arby 13 jumps away.
During the trip I got several Eve mails from W0wbanger ( the guy that killed me) and we got chatting , seems like a cool guy , sort of got a invite to go back to piracy if I want to, also in a strange turn of events he sent me the money for the ship, apparently he only wanted to blow me up cos of the blog…good reasoning to me.
By the time I had grabbed the other ship the wife was pestering me about bed, so I logged off, but I have a real itch to spend more time in low again..I have the beginnings of a plan.