Friday, 4 February 2011

broadsword vs arby = bad

Last night logged on to finish moving my arbitrator a few systems over in lowsec. On the way however I got in to a great fight. I was using my duel TD fit and was hunting frigates on the way..not that I found any. And then 2 jumps from my destination as I jumped through I found the 1 type of ship you never want to see…a broadsword. Those puppies have VERY fast lock catch pods fast.
Figured id try to warp anyway, hell maybe he was asleep.
As soon as I broke cloak he locked me..only but none of his friends had warped in..he was solo..
So I figured id have a go..I had gate guns on my side thanks to my non outlaw status, I set my nuet , NOS, both disruptors web and scram on him and lanched a flight of warrior 2’s and sent a few missiles his way for good measure..
It was a very good fight I couldn’t break his shield before I popped but still was a very entertaining fight..he had to close to point blank range to apply DPS and it took him longer than I expected for him to break my tank.
The broadsword pilot seemed happy Posting very good fight in local as well.
I seem to be finding good fights quite a lot at the moment , just need to start winning them again.

the moral of this story, 9 out of 10 times you wont win a fight you didn’t pick.