Friday, 18 February 2011

aim for the stars.

It’s Friday and I am feeling groovy.
That could be the tramadol though.
Anyway, I have been reading a lot of piracy blogs lately, and some thing is niggling at me, a lot of the writers come across as PVP experts, and I’m not entirely convinced.
See the thing I am discovering lately is that most PVP’ers generally operate in a group, many have back up even when solo initially, however operating in this way allows you to make a certain amount of errors the worst way and the best way allows you to be on the winning end of fights you should never win, aka blobbing. However true PVP experts are the guys that fight solo most of the time…no back safety net. I have met some people who would fit that description and flying with them is awesome, flying against them..unwise.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t profess to be a pvp guru..infact I still think of my self as quite a novice with a lot to learn, the reason is that most of my kills as part of the black rabbits were in fleets where others had my back..or gate camps, where poor souls stood no chance. I have had a few solo kills, but not as many as id like.
Lately I have taken to roaming low solo, not solo but with friends near by incase…really solo. And I have lost a few ships so far. But I am learning the differences, I am also becoming far more selective with my targets.

Two days ago I set up killboard for BTEK ( a few members were requesting one), as a result I have a completely blank record on this board, as it doesn’t take into account old wins or losses. My goal that I have set for myself is to achieve over 100 solo kills by the end of the year, and to have a positive kill loss ratio.
You can keep track of my progress if you like by going though the killboard link in bteks forums (link is on my blog.) and laugh at my mistakes and victorys.