Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Recruit (IC)

You couldn’t mistake where you were.
Tall arched ceilings wide arches slightly gothic looking architecture.. you knew it was amarr
The young Brutor male was led into a large circle at the centre of the bidding arena, drugged out of his mind on vitoc, he did exactly as he was told..
Around him hundreds of amarian nobles sat patiently waiting for the bidding to begin, behind them were private bidding chambers normally used by people that whished to remain anonymous ..if they had the isk to rent one.
The noise in the hall began to rise as the bidding started at a mere 200 isk, the accepted price of a brutor life.
As the back ground of the young male was read the price increased.
The announcer read “this young male, a brutor, was recently captured after piloting a rifter class frigate into amarr space, we believe he may have been part of the capsuleer program, guaranteeing a prime specimen”.
At this point the noise in the room dropped to a wispper, a bidder had jus placed a bid over 2 million isk. No one wasted that amount of isk on a slave..the bid was anonymous.

In his secluded chamber the bidder downed his drink, and sent a message to the trader, “give him the vitoc antidote and clean him up. Send him to my office when he is Ready.”

9 hours later the young broutor sood before the office to to his “buyer”. Since they had stopped the vitoc, he had been looking for a way to escape, preferably killing a few amarians in the process. Nothing had presented it’s self .. yet.
The door slid back to reveal a fairly basic office, a few displays on the wall, none of the religious crap he was expecting.

“My name is Astral Dominix, sit down”
The tone left the brutor in no doubt it was not a question.
“you were a capsuleer correct?”
“yes” the brutor grunted
“ then I have a use for you, you will be given your freedom, ISK and the resourses you need to do as I ask, if you accept the job. If not you will be placed back on vitoc and resold”

The brutor liked how straight forward this man was even if he was amarian.

“ok What do you want”
“go to Jasc, I’ll loan you a shuttle, meet my associate Vespa, she is another EX slave, she will explain what is needed of you..oh and one last thing. If you let me down ..I will kill you 100 times over.”

As the brutor left, Astral dispatched a message to Vespa “I’m sending you a new recruit…make me a orca pilot”