Tuesday, 1 February 2011

tuesdays musing

I keep reading the same thing..
Every few days a blog pipes up lowsec is dieing, piracy is dieing!
Trouble is no one is doing anything about it.
Lets cut the long winded explanations, lowsec is not whgat it was because there is no reason to go there. The only real reason to go there is for PVP, and the way to win that in 90% of players eyes is to have more people than the other guy.
That’s it…the whole reason low sec is the way it is.
There are 2 things that “could” change that, first if people had a real reason to draw them into lowsec..for example a very lucrative mission that may offset the risk of losing ships, the other thing that could happen is CCP could impose a penalty on blobs, I’m not sure how, but if the bigger blobs were put at a disadvantage small skirmish warfare would return (and that’s a good thing IMO).
CCP has said it will be at least another year before anything like that gets looked at. So unless all the people saying lowsec is dead do something drastic to pull people into lowsec it will not change. And I can hardly see all the pirate corps in lowsec agreeing and saying “ok guys we are all gonna limit our fleet’s to less than 10 men” , it would be fun, but it wont happen because it would take away the easy win.

/rant over

In other news,
I had a reply from notorious ninja -Aiden Mourn- giving me some much needed advice on my recent attempt at ninjaing, I think I may give it another go as a part time guilty pleasure, to see if I can get good at it. It’s a very different idea to piracy as a lot of the time its VERY hard to get people to shoot at you, when you do you are often out numbered, and if they have any sense and switch to a pvp ship also you have NO idea what your warping back to. Piracy was much more direct..find someone ..kill em.
Still I feel with a little practice I can keep my kill board afloat while care bearing to pay for my ships.
Oh and I wanted to say a public thank you to the anonymous lovely person that gave me a fed navy heat sink for my birthday, I will put it to good* use sir!

*Good use may infer evil deeds.