Monday, 21 February 2011

astral vs eveSOB round 2

Only 1 thing of note happened over the weekend for me.
I finally got round to another 1v1 frigate duel with eveSOB, following my last defeat I had been meaning to give him a rematch.
We both agreed on our frigates, myself in a punisher , him in a rifter, and that we would not restrict the fit, so it was a case of anything goes.
Although we agreed we could fit them, we both agreed that points wern’t needed as it wasn’t like we were gonna try to run away, which opens up another mid slot (unless you want a scram to kill a MWD).
Now I used this fight as a way to test a theory that I have had for a while I’ll share my thunkage with you…
Every one seems to think frigates need to have a prop mod, normally a AB when fighting 1v1. however I fly amarr, and they are slow as shit anyway, even with a AB, EVERYONE is faster than you. So why are we fitting one?
The idea of a AB is to allow you to dictate the range of a fight, trouble is your almost always gonna get webbed and even with a AB as I said everyone else is faster so can dictate the range, forcing you to hope the superior amaar tank holds…right..
So if a AB isn’t gonna let you dictate range what else would?

With that thought in mind my punisher fit for the duel..

High slot – Small T2 NOS
High slot – 150mm AC T2
High slot - 150mm AC T2
High slot - 150mm AC T2

Mid slot- T2 Web
Mid slot- DDO tracking disruptor with range and speed scripts

Low slot-SAR T2
Low slot-ANM
Low slot-ANM
Low slot- 200mm plate

Rig slot- trimark
Rig slot- trimark
Rig slot- poly carb engine housing

It didn’t move that fast, but it didn’t need to, my idea was he would bring a AC rifter and id cut the incoming DPS slightly with the TD, while the larger tank allowed mr to out last him while fighting at the same range thus putting out optimal DPS.

We both agreed a system to meet at for the duel and flew out can flipped 1 unit of ammo each and warped to a planet to begin the duel..
I landed at the planet first..
And then came disappointment.
SOB landed 15km away and began kiting me with artys…he had guessed he wouldn’t be able to beat me in a brawl and was being clever.
Good thing I brought the optimal range scrip too lol.
The whole of the fight was spent with with me disrupting him while he continued shooting from miles away till he ran out of ammo, as he refused to come with in range of my guns, and couldn’t hit me for toffee with his.
In the end we had to call it a draw. Both being too clever for our own good.
Still we will continue these little 1v1 match’s as they are quite fun…..wonder how many blasters could I fit on a nano punisher….