Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Poor choice of words.

Ok so my last little rant about people posting low sec is dead..maybe I had a poor choice of words, as I had this comment from Suleiman Shouaa

“Mate, I have to admit I am disappointed by this blogpost. You with your history in low-sec should know better then most that low-sec is not actually dead, but the general perception is that it is. In reality, its choke-full of targets if you can be bothered to look for them. If one region is empty, go to another!

Maybe you've spent too much time away from low sec?”

I gotta hold my hands up he is dead right. Low sec isn’t Dead, far from it, however I do think it could be made much better by bringing more people into lowsec. At the moment 90% of people you meet in lowsec are trying to kill you, most as part of a large fleet, what I would like to see is more “targets” for solo PVP’s to go after , mission runners explorers ect, and hence more solo/small gang PVP between PVPers in general.

So I apologise for my poor choice of words. Lowsec isn’t dead, but I feel it could be made a lot better.
…and maybe I have spent to long away from low…