Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Ok..havent been posting much of late, but I have been a busy boy.

Just yo keep you updated on whats been happening, BTEK has grown a fair bit over the last few months, we now have a pretty big group of good players, and you can almost always find someone on at any point during the day, at peack times , between 1800 an 0200 eve time, there can be anywhere from 5-20 of us on at a time, and the corp is really growing into a close knit group of friends. Recruitment is always open to anyone that wants a good home in high sec.

Things with the alliance seem to be going well, BTEK are doing our part, although im a little worried people seem to thing I’m some kind of pvp expert, the truth is I dabble but there are far more talented people out there. This has been highlighted even more by my recent spate of losses, going solo in lowsec is a hard road. And not having a pvp corp to back you up when your against the odds makes a huge difference. Also many people don’t give the pirates in low their due respect, if they are making a living as a pirate they are normally pretty competent and very in practice, and as a result win a lot more than they lose against part timers like me. Cant really say much more about the alliance with out compromising security, although the alliance is growing nicely.

As some of you may have guessed, I now have a second account. i only have 1 pilot on it who is training fast to drive a orca and will become my industrial main, with all relevant production and refining skills, I have him paid up for a year, so he has 1 year to get to the point he pays for himself with plex and makes me enough money on to to be worth keeping. While he is training for the orca I have switched training over to vespa and I will have her in a hulk before to long, I will then finish off her mining skills and switch back to astral.
The plan is to have vespa and my orca pilot run all the mining indy stuff and make money, and astral as a lowsec dweller / mission runner.

And on to lowsec, BTEK has opened a offive in lowsec we will be basing out of for a while, I will be running ops and lowsec training form there, and will also be doing some exploration. My CEO is looking to get into exploration and a few other people seem to be giving it a shot after reading this blog.

On Exploration, the guide I am writing is too big…so.. I will be releasing it in sections with the first part coming in the next day or two covering the basics of exploration, so anyone looking to start I hope it will help you.

Fly well 07