Friday, 27 August 2010

broke ass pirate

The trouble with pirating is isk. And my lack of it.

I make isk from ransoms and looting wreaks of my kills, however, that is a unstable income, and while it has its moments of dropping a 100 mill in your lap, often it drops a lot less.

I have up to this point been using Vespa as a miner and a trader to keep myself afloat, this has worked to some extent but the cost of the ships and modules I will be needing soon will far outstrip her meagre earnings. Mining in corp a few nights a month for 30-50 mill doesn’t cover the cost of 1 fitted harbinger. It barly covers the cost of a new vengeance.
And mining solo to make the ships sucks ass unless you can duel box with an orca helping..and I cant.
That means I am going to have to take vespa back to where astral began, mission running.
I will still spend a few nights a month mining with the corp, I enjoy it now and again, and it helps with our cap building progects and to be honest is easy money. However now alongside full time pirating I will spend a night or two a week running missions…very dull but needed.
The real pain with it is I will need to develop vespa’s combat skills to a point she can solo lvl 4’s in a drake…which means taking training time away from astral.
It’s a real pain in the ass only running 1 account.
I will be for the next month or two building her skills in caldari ships up to a heavy missile pve drake, and intend to work for boundless creations for data core harvesting and probably republic feet out near ren’s.
The upside is once here skills are there I may try a few low level worm hole ops if I can get a white rabbit fleet together, and will also have a ratting capable pilot if the whites move back to 0.0.

Will hold up my plans for astral a bit but no point having the skills if I cant afford the damn ships.

Please shoot someone for me, It will keep the balance going.

On the upside it will give me another side project through the quiet months.