Thursday, 19 August 2010

im so clever...then im not

Last might I managed to get out an about for about an two hours, the first half was meh, the second half was fun but expensive..
On logging astral on line I saw a good friend of mine bt the name of whiteshark was chasing a rifter all over auner, after checking he said the rifter was only a few days old (and asked me not to steal the kill lol), so I undocked in my vengeance and offered to help..trouble is we kept finding him, in belts only to have him warp as we landed, he was Russian as well wich made me think maybe a alt scouting..anyway..after a few attempts at grabing him on the belt I decided chasing him was a mugs game, so while whiteshark continued with the frustration …I invited him to my fleet, and he accepted lol
I tried squad warping us to a planet at 0..that didn’t work although all my corpies had herd me talking about it and warped to the planet to whore mail the kill. I put a simple “warp to me” in fleet..a few seconds later he landed and was promptly popped and podded. A hollow kill considering but I felt clever.
After this I headed out on a roam..solo as every one seemed to be busy, not that this bothered me, I quite enjoy roaming alone, it takes much more skill. I was on my way to amamake to find a fight, I had gone through several systems before I found anything…at all…I eventually found some peeps in ezsure (sp?) s thrasher named rifter, and a drake named caracal, tho they wernt together, I scaned the thrasher down and looked up the age of the pilot, almost a year older than me..could be tough, but I was in a assault frig..sod it im bored.
I warped in at 20and we burned towards each other, half my shields were gone before I even got into range, the fight was pretty standard I entered a tight orbit as fast as I could with my 150’s hitting him and a NOS keeping me in cap, however this guy had a very good fit, im not wuite sure what he was using but I entered hull as he was entering armour…I exploded shortly after.
It was a good fight. However in the heat of trying to break his tank (I thought he may have ben shield tanked so once in armour I may have caught up) I forgot to set up to get my pod out, by the time id switched tabs..he had me, he politlely offered a 25 mill ransom. I politly declined as I was in a dead head clone, all I would lose was about a mill on a clone upgrade, however he took his sweet time getting round to popping me ..about 3 mins…during which time I was passing intel to sir londo (a corp mate of mine) who was making hast to get to me from 12 systems out in a hurricane.
Unfortunalty I was popped just before sir londo landed, who was then popped himself when a few stealth bombers turned up…not good.
I spent the rest of the evening buying yet another vengeance and decided I would get some implants for the next clone. Lets see how long this one lasts…