Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Incase I don't say it enough the guristas alliance is an awsome machine, when all the corps come together and work as a team there is little we can't achieve. Tonight was an example of this!

I'm not gonna go into much detail incase we need to do this again but believe me, it was an impressive display.

In other news vespa is looking into harbinger bpc's as astral will need a supply of them, and astral has racked up several more kills in ass rape as a result
of a few gate camps.
I have also been testing my vengeance extensively between lowsec roams and have a fit that I'm happy with, it can out tank and out last most assault frigs and can reach speeds of 1600 mps and has good tackle and dps, if you ever come across it and your flying less than a well fitted battle cruiser be very cautious.

Have fun

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