Wednesday, 25 August 2010

this is either idiotic or an awsome idea

Hi guy’s, I have been doing some long hard thinking over the last few days (yes it hurt) about how my pirating is going. Overall I think I am doing pretty well, I can get lots of nice kills in gate camps, I an a fairly useful member in any fleet able to bring DPS, RR or scout, and I have got quite good at solo roaming looking for a fight.
I no long see lowsec as the scary place I once did, and I’m happy to risk ships as long as it has a reason.
However there is something I’m becoming less satisfied with, The rabbits as a whole seem to be going through a lazy lull. Not that we arn’t active but we always seem to be camping instead of going out roaming looking for kills.
Now camping certainly has its place in piracy, it gets some great kills and is a good source of income however it can be bloody boring and done to often in the same spot people start getting wise, you even get bigger fleets come looking to bust up your camp. I have heard many of the rabbits complaining but when you suggest getting out on a roam a lot of them seem to busy. That makes me sad.

Instead of whining about it tho I am going to try to help fix the problem. I have for the last couple of months had a purifier sitting in my hanger, I can fly it, but lack the torp skills and the cash to fit it properly. I am going to make getting this ship up and running my “mission”.

stealth bomber

Now im looking for fitting advice as I don’t have a huge amount of experience with bombers, but I intend to use it to probe out ships and warp in cloaked to provide my fleet with a warp in then, help add DPS and tackle as my fleets land.

The fit I have in mind is…

Low- 200mm plate
Low –ballistic control II

Mid – 1 MN MWD
Mid – Warp disruptor II
Mid – Web II

High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – “Arablast” siege launcher
High – expanded probe launcher
High – covert ops cloak.

Rig – small trimark
Rig – Small trimark

I am open to any suggestions to improve this fit for what I have in mind. Once I have acquired (I am currently skint other than my poker fund) the fittings and finished training the skills in a couple of weeks I will be trying to get fleets out of mixed consistency with the idea they hop to a safe while I probe out mission runners or the unwary waiting at safes and get a warp in for the fleet, once the fleet is in warp to me, I decloak apply DPS and tackle and in theory the fleet arrives before I go pop?

I Think this will take my piracy to the next level, I can still camp when needed for money or solo roam in my vengeance when I crave that buzz, but this will add another string to my bow and maybe help motivate some rabbits to get roaming again.