Wednesday, 18 August 2010

your dream ships are?

Ok day dream time, I have spent some of the afternoon browsing through the various ships id like to own and fly, eve has some SERIOUSLY sexy ships, if you got the isk and the skill’s, just owning one is a bit of a status symbol.

So here is my question to you guys..if you could have any two ships magicly appear in your hanger, what would you pick?

I ran through a lot of ships thinking about I want a orca for my alt….a faction battleship…a carrier?

In the end I picked two ships I can fly but cant afford, and I don’t see often..

The Crour

A sexy ass faction frig with bounuses to web’s and lazors. Id love to try this out on a frig roam..

The Ashimmu

The other sexy blood raider ship. One day you will be mine oh yes you will be mine.