Friday, 13 August 2010

Gate camp ships..

I love my harbinger..It does lots of things i like it can take a fair beating, it is easy to fit, and it has excellent (tho limited to EM/therm) dps. I Take my harbinger out a LOT on battle cruiser roams and have been using it for gatecamp's. However I am considering buying a Prophcy for use on gate camps for several reasons..

1- The prophecy is 15 mill cheaper to buy, thus easier to replace if your camp is rumbled.

2- The tank is FAR higher, while it scarifices DPS it gains a masive boost in tank, making it far more survivable under gate guns

3- The smaller drone bay is not really a downside as i rearly find the need use drones on a gate camp thus 1 flight of t2 drones is more than enough.

4- A launcher slot, meaning i can apply a SMALL amount of DPS from a distance out side the range of my medium pulses.

5- I only lose 1 mid slot, and generally there are enough ships that I can pick between web and scram.

I figure about 30 mill to buy and fit a decent setup...

now to the serious buisness of earning 30 mill ..