Thursday, 19 August 2010

vespa's world pt 3

The halls in lowsec stations never felt right to Vespa. She had docked a few mins ago at the Thucker mix station in Auner, Home of the Rabbits. Vespa had spent most of her adult life in high sec working for Astral Dominix, when he freed her and sponsored her for the capsuleer program she even took his surname as she had no real parentage.
A few people milled around the station, most kept their heads down, the pirates here could get quite rowdy and it was just better not to offend them. Vespa had no such worries. She rounded the corner to a private elevator that would take her to Astrals office/home. A large pent house apartment overlooking the docking bays. These types of accommodation were very popular with pod pilots who liked to survey their ships from their home. The penthouses on this station were almost solely occupied by members of The Gurristas Alliance.
Vespa paused at the entrance to the lift as it took a retinal scan to confirm her identity, and the doors slid open to a mirrored interior. She admired herself in the black and red jumpsuit as the elevator began it’s accent. She looked immaculate.
The doors to astrals apartment slid open straight into his office. Wooden floors were in sharp contrast to the bright white of the walls, at the far end of the office was a shiny metallic desk with a few papers and holo tapes strewn over it and a half empty bottle of rum. On the wall to the left was a display of a communications in the system, another display showing the guristas kill boards and a large old pin board.. the pin board was covered with mug shots of various pilots of nee den, some famous, some not. Some the faces were covered with a green x, some a red x, most had yet to be done. She knew this was astrals “hit list”, pilots he wanted to fight for “shits and giggles”, the ones with the red x he had lost, the green x he had won.
Vespa always checked this board to make sure she wasn’t on it.
On the wall to the right was the main display for Astrals terminal on a hydraulic arm, to allow him to see it from any angle, and two door ways one for a bath room and one leading to a VERY messy bedroom.
The door to the bathroom slid open and steam bellowed out , followed by astral in a towel. He was around 5’10 with an athletic build. close cropped short black hair. He wore only a towel around his waist as he strode over to the desk and sat in the black leather chair.
“Vespa take a seat”
She sat opposite him in a slightly smaller leather chair the new angle allowed her a better view into the bedroom, she saw the mess of duvet move and heard the small groan of a woman asleep.
She smiled at astral, he knew she hated it when he did this.
“I have acquired some BPC’s for you Vespa, pre researched to save time. I need you to begin production when your not mining for the white rabbits.”
“what BPC’s ?”
“several runs of prophecy and several of a harbinger”
“ that will be …time consuming”
Astral poured himself a rum, and then one for Vespa which he knew she wouldn’t take.
“did you bring what I asked for” Astral asked with a smile
“yes one new vengeance and several implants, also the hard wire skills for armour tanking”
“isn’t it a waste? You’ll lose them if you get podded.”
Astral just smiled and shock his head
“ you still have a lot to learn Vespa, but you are with out a doubt my favourite student”
Vespa wasn’t sure if that was a complement or an insult but she was fairly sure it was a come on, she rose a tuned for the door.
The woman in the next room stirred.
“ your welcome to join us Vespa?”
She didn’t even answer him as she left.