Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fleet fights and faction fits..

I had a great weekend, I blew crap up…I got blown up..it was a lot of fun!
My weekend really kicked off Friday night, I hadn’t been logged on long when we got the call one of our corp mates was being attacked in the next system by the lovely pilots of gunboat diplomacy…as the call for help went up several battle cruisers undocked from our station and entered warp towards the gate, however our scout in the next system advised there were a few to many for us and we would take heavy losses, so a new plan was formed, a mixed battle cruiser and battleship fleet would go after them with carrier support ( and a few frigs for them what couldn’t fly bigger yet), the fleet formed up quite fast and set off in pursuit..I wont bore you with the trip but we caught them, about 10 battle ships in orfold.
The battle started quite well, our FC calling targets and us melting them fast as the carrier landed to offer support and remote reps to our fleet, first of their ships to go down was their Scorpian, followed by a raven,
a mega , and a domi….
Then it all went a bit wrong..we were counter dropped by a crap load more battleships. Most of our fleet made it out but we lost a few of our frigs my harby and our archon carrier. Bugger.
Still was a bloody good fight, gunboat played their cards to perfection. See the whole line up
here to see what was fielded and what was lost lol.
Saturday I didn’t really get on as I had to appease the wife’s shopping habits.

Sunday was good but for entirely different reasons. It started with a quick fight with a hurricane who was pestering some rabbits on our home station, kill mail here, I then had a bit of a lull for an hour or two while I put my new harby together…just as I finished we decided to set up a gate camp in resbroko, myself and mail lite were the first two on the scene, me in my new harby mail in his shiny new phobos.
As we were waiting for everyone to show up we had a call of a target jumping in ..me and mail warped to gate..in warp we heard “hold on there is loads of them..abort” lol. Well mail got out in time, I was blobbed. Loss mail here. I was a tad pissed off, not because id lost a ship, but because I had only just finished brining it up from rens…bastards lol.
However my day was cheered right up by some acts of extreme generosity towards this very blog…I now and then receive donations to my cause, people send me 25-30 million, which is incredible!! People like Caledrun and Brannor McThife, have donated there hard earned isk in the past in the interest of helping this humble pirate..and Sunday I received my 2 biggest donations EVER…. First was a generous 50 mill isk from Skvizz, who also mentioned he would like to come out on a roam with me some time, that can defiantly be arranged.
The second donation was from a new corp mate… this corp mate is rich…very rich in my books ..
Remember I said my two dream ships were a cruor and a ashimmu..
Well I got given a faction fit crour baby!!! Hell yeah!
Its gonna be an expensive loss mail when it gets popped but until then it is my pride and joy.

I only ever write this blog for fun, but some times getting nice gifts really makes you smile.