Tuesday, 3 August 2010

bit of fun with names.

My good Friend Mail lite has posted recently about themes when naming ships
(Mails Blog here)..i know its been done before but..since becoming a pirate, I have to admit all my ships do have a theme, while some have gone for the mythical “god” names or dragons or famous starfighter types, I chose an aspect at the fore front of my mind..the ASS.

I currently have several rifters – assholes 1,2,3 ect
My harbinger – Ass Rape
My punisher’s – ass muncher and ass chaser
My stealth bomber – sneaky ass

And the up coming name for my abaddon – large ass.

Not to be left out my indy alt also has a theme…all here ships cans and containers are named the same thing…”pirate funds”. Self explanatory.

So when in lowsec be on the look out for assholes, when going through gates try not to get ass raped, and keep an eye out for probes from a sneaky ass.