Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Racer at the ready

Just to let everyone know, I will be taking part in the eve 2010 death race!
My initial idea when hearing about this was to take a fleet of stealth bombers down to the starting system and smart bomb all the racers before they got going…
Imagine the scene, racers ready…3.2. BANG! Lol. Still seems lots of people had that idea and not enough had the idea to actually race…so I am changing my plans…slightly.
I will be entering flying a punisher, my intention will not be to come first lol. Instead I will be trying to kill as many frigates as I can before someone pops me lol, a worthy cause to be sure.. maybe if I eliminate enough frigates I may finish the race..but I doubt it .
Additionally another person seems to have donated 30 mill to me again, but eve gate is currently down so I cant see who or why? I am enjoying the cash flow tho, it’s like ransoming people with out having to go to the bother of shooting them.
Last night I had a lot of problems in game, I was suffering huge lag in place’s and heavy wife aggro, I may have to calm down play time for the next couple of weeks, all of which resulted in no kills. I did manage to move my prophecy to auner and get it fitted though. It does decent DPS and has a massive tank, so will be a good bait ship or gate camp ship. I also bought and trained the skills last night to use remote rep drones, as a lot of TBRA fleets are asking for RR capability now.

I have also been considering writing a series of articles on the different ships I like to fly , with suggested fits and a summery of how to use them in my opinion. I have several reasons for this one, for fun, secondly to educate new or unaware pilot’s how to use these ships and thirdly, as part of my graduation from The Black Rabbit Academy..
See to graduate now you have to meet certain criteria, you need to be able to fly a fully T2 fit BC, well I could do that before I joined, you need to show good use of the D scan and be active in fleet’s..I like to think I have both of those down.
You also need to demonstrate good knowledge of ship fittings and have over 100 kill to your name..well I have 50 kill’s ish so far and thinking that a series of articles on fittings may demonstrate I have a idea what I’m talking about. Could also be a nice side project while the wife cools down ;)

Have fun 0/