Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The vengence - Pvp fits pt 2

The Vengence :

Ok second part of my series of PVP fit ships I like to fly, I will star by saying I love this ship!!
It screams pirate when you see it, everything form its jet black colour to its evil shape…and it is one of the best assault frigs in the game in my opinion able to work solo or in fleets as a heavy tackle.

The vengeance has 5% armour resists per level making the tank awesome for an assult frig, it also gets a rocket bonus..but I don’t like rockets so..sod em.
The fit I use is as follows:

High: 150mm ACII
High: 150mm ACII
High: 150mm ACII
High: small NOS II

Mid : scram T2
Mid : 1MN MWD II
Mid: x5 prototype web

Low: 200mm plate
Low: T2 small armour repper
Low: T2 adaptive nano plate
Low: T2 DC

Rig: Small Trimark plate
Rig: Small Trimark plate

This fit give you one mean little asshole that once it gets hold of you… it can close range very fast to most other frigs or cruisers, does excellent damage anywhere inside 5000km , can hold them in place with a scram to shut off their MWD and warp drive and a web to keep them in range.
It can also tank a lot of incoming fire, meaning it can act as tackle on ships much larger and hold them for a fleet, or out last most frigate’s or assault frigs in a dog fight (I proved this last night in a 1v1 with a wolf, at half amour he was going into structure and couldn’t break my tank despite more and bigger guns)
This ship is the answer to kiting ships that kill the punisher as well as if they get cockey and get in range of your web and scram they are shafted, and the mwd will normally get you in range fast enough, while the tank allows you to charge through their kill range with ease. Most savy arty pilots would call it a draw and withdraw.
If you come across T1 frigs they will go down very fast against this, T1 cruisers you need to be more careful a good fit and T2 drones will kill you solo (so bring a friend), noob fits will be no problem.

have fun 0/