Wednesday, 1 September 2010

cage fighting goodness

Ok people good friend Eve SOB, has come up with a interesting idea…

“My own ranting has left me considering a more positive reaction to apparent dwindling of solo PvP action. The idea in my head is simple and revolves around organizing a last pilot standing fight to the death for as many brave and/or crazy frigate pilots who choose to sign up and enter the “CAGE” system to fight.

Of course there will be an entry fee, rules, and prizes for the participants all wrapped into a semi regular event where frigate junkies can get there solo PvP on. Sure you could bring a group, but in the end only one pilot gets the gravy.

The draft rules are simple (and open to suggestion):

- 5M to enter with all ISK going to the Last Frigate flying in fleet (minus fleet referee)
- T1 non faction frigates only with any fittings.
- All entrants join a single fleet and fighting begins when they enter the “CAGE” system
- If you leave the “CAGE” system you are removed from the fleet.
- If you dock in anything in the “CAGE” system you are removed from the fleet.
- If you are in your pod you are removed from the fleet.
- Once removed from the fleet you are out of the fight and no ISK for you.
- Gate crashing the system is allowed and expected.
- No restrictions on implants or boosters.
- Faction/T2 frigates or above are not allowed unless a gate crasher. :)

Fittings are unlimited as warping to fleet member will be allowed and should take care of the cloakers and folks who safe up. The “CAGE” system region will be in LowSec and easy to reach from Null or Empire space. The region will be announced to entrants a week before and the CAGE system 1 hour before the bell.

It’s a simple idea, might have been done before. I think it would be a fun event and I am looking for feedback from the community and bloggers. Perhaps some donated promo art if the graphically inclined a like the idea **hint hint*. Some linkage to the idea and comments if fellow bloggers wish to offer some support **hint hint**. A pilot date and time will be published based on feed back and interest.”

Now…I picked up on two important points here… 1st ” Some linkage to the idea and comments if fellow bloggers wish to offer some support “….done you are linked and supported mr SOB, I whole heartedly endorse this madness.

2nd “- Gate crashing the system is allowed and expected.”
Now I read this as..
“Mr astral, please make this event more interesting by bringing a yourself and some fellow pirates to the party in your shiny ships to make life that bit more interesting..and being pirates you are expected to break all rules and conduct yourself in a drunken manor at all times”
…..excellent idea Mr SOB ..I’ll do it!

If you are interested in the cage fight idea please visit SOB’s site and show him the love. Solo pvp isn’t dead, but your gonna have to fight for it!