Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Clensing fire- pt 2

“Shit that hurt”
Astral was burning towards another Sansha patrol, the cruiser escort were doing little damage but the battle ships were slowly peeling the shields off the harbinger..
Not that it mattered Astral has stayed true to his Amaar heritage in a few ways, favouring amour over shields was one, still it annoyed him to lose shield before he was even in range.
The cruisers drifted into range first, each sent back to the void quickly by the 7 T2 medium pulse lasers aboard the harbinger..
A flight if drones left the harbinger’s drone bay as astrals mind directed them to strip the first Sansha lord of his shields.
As the last cruiser disintegrated Astral settled in to a tight orbit on the battleships his Nos sapping its cap and the lasers and drones eating its armour…its death was both inevitable and profitable.
As the harbinger aligned to warp back to the station a CVA covert ops pilot entered the system..
“more blood shed for other peoples politics” thought astral, null sec was helpful for his wallet and security rating, but fighting for anyone but himself was not something astral would tolerate now.


30 min’s later astral was entering the local bar, unarmed for once, in an effort to become law abiding.
He saw his contact sitting across the bar, a typical concord type, a fat self important Caldari that looked like he had a stick up his ass.
Astral ordered a cold quafe and sat down opposite him, his relaxed attire made him look scruffy next to the official.
“Mr Dominix, I’m pleased to see you have eliminated another 5 outlaw battleships today, and several escort ships ranging from frigates to cruisers…all belonging to the Sansha nation, and not a single act of piracy for nearly a month”
Astral answered only by sipping his quafe, although the thought of smashing the glass on the table and jamming the jagged remains into the pompous pricks wind pipe made him smile.
“for services rendered we will compensate you with 7 million isk and a security rating increase of .7” he continued “at this rate you may be allowed back in the fringe systems soon”
“transfer the ISK to Vespa, my associate, and pray that I don’t rethink going straight concord, you would be the first person on my list”
Astral downed the rest of his quafe and turned to walk out the bar, the concord representative sat perfectly still, his face drained of blood.
It will be a long climb to become law abiding again, astral would have to play concord lapdog for now, but he didn’t have to like it.

Several hours later hundreds of light years away Vespa was just returning from a bar herself, she had been drinking with some of the Btek pilots in her new home, she had been tasked with setting everything up for astrals return, also with helping to administer the corp in his absence and to begin work on astrals next projects R and D and planetary colonies, she had established the test colony a few days ago and was just waiting for funds to come in and training to finish to start the project in earnest.
She was excited and wary all at the same time, astral had picked a system to colonise but it was in lowsec. It seemed a good choice though not far from home and was a dead end system, one way in and out connecting to high sec…a real back water system.
As she entered her new apartment she drunkenly tore off her clothes as she crossed the main room, throwing all cloths at a sofa in the far corner. She was headed for her bed when a subtle blinking on her data screen told her there was a message for her.
“computer play message thingy’s” she giggled as she fell on the bed
“this is an automated message from concord. 7.1 million ISK was transferred to your account today, you balance is now 40.23 million”
As she drifted to sleep above laying on top of the sheets she dreamt sweet dreams of the colonies she would create and the empire she could build….