Monday, 20 September 2010

weekend update

Hi guys did you all have a good weekend?
Mine was ok, got on a bit on Sunday, but my ratting was interrupted a fair bit by CVA keep parking cloaky pilots in system…CVA if your reading this, in the nicest possible way , sod off and let me rat in peace lol.

On a side note I am now at -8.25 sec status, it is creeping down , but I’m not working on it as hard as I could be ( it may drop even less next month when fable 3 hits, but that’s for another blog).
My sec status ratting is having one side affect I am finding nice, my wallet is quite healthy, even when I keep buying crap it keeps bouncing back up within a day or two, as the rats I’m popping are worth over a mill each and the salvage sells (slowly) which means I have a semi steady income, making about 15 to 20 mill in a hour or 3.
The real problem has been deciding what to blow this money on, so far its been some pvp mods, a 10 mill punisher fit, and other odds and sods and saving a large chunk to buy another high-sec BC. However now I’m thinking I may send it to Vespa and get her started on PI.
I have been meaning to restart her training for a few weeks and I think getting her skills up for PI and low level missioning will be a nice break from the ratting when CVA crops up. I may also look at grinding her standings with a R and D agent, so she has a duel passive income with PI and data cores. Then use her for mining and such like when needed… could be a good plan.
Also I am now about half way through reading the “empyrean age” (eve novel), so far I’m impressed its been quite a interesting read, and has re-ignited a fire in me to delve into the role playing side of eve, may do some more IC posts and may try my hand at some out and out fan fiction. I’d recommend the book to any Eve fans especially if you like the cannon and lore surrounding eve.
Lastly the Recruitment for Btek is going very well, we have about 8 new members and a few more in the pipe, its slow going but will shape up to be a awesome corp to fly with In the future, if anyone is looking for a relaxed industrial corp with a VERY relaxed attitude where you can balance eve and real life drop into “btek pub” for a chat with me or Reltso. We have a lot going on in high sec there will be little bits happening in lowsec soon (once I get astral back out from null) .