Thursday, 16 September 2010


So what can I tell you about yesterday…it was almost exciting lol
I logged on a little after 5 to get some ratting done, however after popping 1 battleship my ratting was rudely interrupted by a pilot entering system that I was informed is neither friendly or blue, he does have a habit of hot dropping ratting ships tho..
Being careful I docked up my odd pve fit harb..gave it 15 mins he didn’t leave..i was getting bored at this point so I undocked and did a scan to see what he was in,.. a Tristan.
Now a Tristan is defiantly killable, however the likely hood of it being a cyno ship is quite high…I wasn’t gonna fly a pve fit harb at it…so after half hour asking about I pod over to another system to buy myself a pvp fit punisher…much happier risking that.
However at that point my night went to shit and I had endless phone calls for a couple of hours. By the time I got back he was long gone and there were a few nuets in system but I had no way of knowing their standing with legio so I left them be.
Still I have a pvp ship on stand by now just in case, and im sure my landlords at legio wont mind me popping the odd war target if the chance presents itself…