Wednesday, 15 September 2010

fun in providence!

I had fun fun fun yesterday..
I unfortunately I had a boiler that needed replacing at home wich ment I had to stay home instead of going to work…it was VERY upsetting lol.
So while the builders were in I settled in for a nice day of EVE, now as I mentioned before I had spoken to one of my old CEO’s Noah Vale about going ratting up with his alliance in providence to get my sec status up, and yesterday morning I got the approval I was waiting for!
So I bought myself a shuttle and made the 50 odd jumps from my base in lowsec to Legio Astarte’s systems in providence. I am pleased to say I made the trip without incident, not a single gate bubbled along the way, the only fun parts were the two High sec systems I HAD to cross, I did so at high speed leaving a message in local for concord to kiss my ass lol.
I then spent most of the day ratting with some great members of legio, Noah for one Eenbal for another.
I managed to go from -9.28 to -8.7 in a pleasant afternoon, the Battleship rats I was popping were giving sec gains of around .22 far better than the 0.055 I was getting for lowsec rats..the money is a lot better to lol which never hurts.
I’m using a harby set up I managed to cobble together from what was on sale down there, not my best set up but its working really well.
If I keep going at this rate I sould be back in high sec in a week or two , and there is less chance of being ganked at a gate camp…happy days