Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Shameless recruitment

Hi guys, as I said before I have rejoined brightstar tek, a mission running and mining Corp mainly tho I may broaden into wormholes and lowsec ops in time. Trouble is we only have 2 members at the moment that are active, myself ( and my main is stuck in low sec for a month) and reltso yand.
We are looking to get the Corp back on it's feet and this is a ideal opportunity to get in at ground level, we are looking for players that want training and casual players that want a friendly group of players to mission and mine with. I'm normally on I'm the evenings uk time and relt comes on a little after me till late.
If you fancy giving us a try please pop in to our public channel btek pub and have a chat, it will be hard going for a month or so but we will make something very special.

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