Friday, 24 September 2010

even my maths isnt that it?

Hello people!

I have 2 bits of news. First bit, I have filed my very first petition in eve, let me explain further..

The other night When I logged on to Astral I checked his sec status, as I normally do , and noticed it was -8.2 ..fair enough, I went off to do some ratting I returned after 20 mins having killed a battleship and escort and went afk for 20 min’s while I eat dinner.

On returning I checked my character sheet to see that rat had given me a “alleged” increase of 0.2, the standard for BS rats in null for me, which most normal people would assume would take me to -8.0?
When I checked however..-8.15? wtf?
Do tried again , same thing.
So last night I sat down and added all the sec status gains that I have apparently been given on the character sheet (I can only see back as far as the evening of the 14th) however just adding those I should have gained over 4.417 in sec status!
If you include all the rats I have slaughtered I should probably be in high sec! so I have registered a petition to look into said scandal lol.

Second bit of news is Btek is shaping up to be an awesome corp, we have a fairly active EU TZ base now, and while we are all chilled and getting on with our own odds and sods, its nice to have a active corp chat again to chat and chill with like minded souls.
The forums I built are starting to look good and soon we will start running some regular corp op’s.
If there is any players looking to learn eve or people that don’t have the time to commit to a full on corp that requires voice coms and minimum this and that, check us out, its relaxed fun that fits around how YOU want to play. Come have a chat in “Btek pub” channel.