Tuesday, 7 September 2010

real life pwns eve time.

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you guys know that I have some major drama going on in my life. As a result I am having to cut eve time back a lot and will not have the focus or the dedication while I am on to continue to PVP for the time being..
I did consider stopping eve altogether during this period but feel it would be a waste and I would miss it to much..

As a result my new plan is to slowly rebuild my sec status during the infrequent play times I do get, and head into high sec to build my wallet and skills up until my life returns to a point I can play more.
So I will be leaving my friends in flashy red, I would like to publicly thank everyone that has flown with me for the past year, I have had a blast! Special thanks to mail lite, a superb pilot, a drunken pirate and a good friend.

I have decided once my sec status allows me to enter high sec again that I will go back to a corp that has been in stasis for a while, Btek , and try to help rebuild it with indy pilots and mission runners in the time I do have. Until then I will be flying round lowsec solo in cheapish ships popping rats (and anyone foolish enough to mistake me for a noob ratting)
It may be a good thing if I can help get newer players into the game, and hell maybe even teach them a little pvp when I get time.
I will keep you updated, until then if you see a pirate ratting his heart out, please don’t laugh to hard, life is full of twists.