Friday, 17 September 2010

quiet night's a fun game.

Today I have been thinking about how to amuse my inner pirate once I’m allowed back in highsec and came up with a game I intend to play when I’m bored..I call it “omgwtf can flipping”
The basic idea is to take a recon ship, in my case a pilgrim, out mining with a few noobs that don’t have an orca…except here is the twist they mine into MY jet can while I sit cloaked a few km away, but still in point range.…
Mr cock sure can flipper comes in, and I commonly see rifters and such used for this, and flip the can..however instead of giving the defenceless miners the right to gives Me the right to attack lol. I would then decloak web, scram and nuet him into oblivion.
It would be fun to see if he would then cry in local or accept it as a occupational risk?
Couldn’t do it too often but as little fun could be good.
I encourage all of you to think up new and ever more creative ways to give people that “omgwtf” feeling we all know and love lol.