Friday, 3 September 2010


Just thought id let you all know where I have gone.

A few days/weeks ago a plan was formed by some of the Black rabbits to leave the corp and the alliance as they were not happy with certain things going on, mainly they wanted to lose all the alliance level politics and go back to being true pirates, which is what we all love – lowsec piracy.
I was asked to come along and agreed, many of the best pilots I have flown with were leaving, and TGA seemed to be edging towards a 0.0 alliance, which held no interest for me..It was a hard decision, I lived and loved TGA. Leaving behind some of the friends id made was a hard call, but I reasoned they would be able to follow if they wanted and if not, I truly wished them well.
Every thing had to be kept reasonably quiet as we moved a lot of expensive assets out, we didn’t want people loosing everything if TGA got the asshole with us. So while assets were evac’ed and roles dropped it was all kept quiet…till yesterday, when a mass of good bye threads were posted on the internal forums and everyone set off for their new home..
I wish I could tell you a bit more about the new corp, but I don’t know who is running it, who the directors will be, who is invited…
All I know is it will be run by and include some of the pilots I trust most in eve, and we will be a pirate PVP corp.
Good enough for me.