Wednesday, 1 September 2010

thinking over the past.

The more I think about it, I think I have more or less graduated the academy in all the ways I wanted.
For those unaware I have spent the last 3 months in The Black Rabbit academy, a awesome training corp for pirates, who’s door is currently open to new members looking to learn to be a “pirate” .
I came to the rabbits after dabbling in lowsec combat, and an offer from fellow blogger Mail Lite (thank you btw., you have altered my eve career in big way.), my intentions were realistic. I wanted to be involved in small fleet warfare, learn to find and kill targets on my own, I wanted to appear on a few kill mails and become a real pirate.
What I got was a LOT more than that.
I am able to find and kill most people now, I can act as a scout for fleets effectively (when the wife sods off so I can use team speak) , I have become a exceptional tackler of ships, I have completely lost all fear of losing ships. I am an effective fleet member, I can fly a good spread of Ships and fit them properly for pvp.
I can roam solo or lead roams, and I have so far appeared on almost 80 killmails.
I am -10 flashy red
I am a pirate.
I have around 20 kills to go before I fully graduate the accadamy, but I feel like its just waiting out a GCC timer now. It is only a matter of time.
I am very pleased with my pirate career so far, the small scale pvp I find far more interesting than massive fleet battles, I love the thrill of the chase hunting people, I love the rum.

I guess I just wanted to thank all the people I have flown with in my past especially those at the academy for turning this carebear in to a dirty rum soaked pirate.

And welcome the new students to the academy, and offer some advice..
Don’t be afraid to gracious when you do, and learn from it.
Listen to those that teach, and ask why a lot.
And always have a rum on hand.