Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Ok my first major gripe with eve.
Grinding sodding security status.

Who the sodding hell thought up this mechanic! For those un-familiar with it, the only way to gain sec status is by killing NPC rats, fair enough. And the amount of sec status gained depends on the type of rat and the security level ,of the system you are in …unfair to those in low sec as opposed to 0.0 but I can see the thinking there..but WHY THE FUCK only count 1 every 15 mins!! You can gill 50 rats in 1 system if you like but only the highest one will count per 15 mins…this means you have to keep moving systems after each kill looking for another belt with a semi decent rat to kill.
This means you spend twic as long moving around as if you could just move belts killing them..STUPID IDEA!

Next on my grip list, the amount of sec status gained is CRAP and there is no way round it, when you are dropping sec status you can kill a pod and drop like 2.3 off your rating, which means a drop to -10 is quite rapid, gaining it however there are no big hits, the rats I have been killing:

Frigates = 0.02- 0.04 sec gain
Cruisers = 0.04 – 0.075 sec gain
Battleships (rare) 0.06 – 0.12 sec gain

A massive difference! if I can pod some one to drop 2.3 or some thing I SHOULD be able to gain at a similar rate for some action, but as it stands I can rat for an hour and make the wondrous gain of about .15 …

Now some may think I am being unreasonable expecting to be able to come back to high sec reasonably fast, however, the game is now stopping me playing the part of the game I want to be playing.
Its not a case of improving for profit, a large area of the game is not available to me and wont be for quite a while, by my guess about a month. That’s if I rat every day. Constantly.

It almost make you want to quit..almost.

One of my friends came up with a alternative solution that may work better, a bribe to concord, working along the same principals as a nural remap it has a year long cool down and would be expensive ish (50 mill say) but once a year you could have a standings reset with concord. This would enable those with low ratings to return to high sec but wouldn’t be often enough to really help greifers. This would make the game far better in my opinion.

/rant over