Friday, 10 September 2010

bloody pirates.

Bloody pirates! lol.
Went out last, again grinding my sec status, and for want of a better term got shafted. First loss was due to some skilled scanner use on the part of my attacker, he landed right on top of me at a belt and unleashed his drones before I could burn out of point range, I congratulated him on a nice kill and went back to reship.
Took another rifter out, got 4 gates out and was stalked and killed by a gifted pilot in a Hic, wasn’t going well for me.
Next I tried my arbitrator, went well for several systems until I ran in to a very large well equipped gate camp that decided to pop then pod me…bit of a crap night for me really lol.
It Was only cheap ships and was all good fun but it took away time from the very important business of killing rats.
Trouble is that lone ratting is exactly the sort of activity pirates like to prey on, and the fact I have to keep moving systems to keep getting sec status makes me very vulnerable to well organised gate camps. I’m not complaining, its part of low sec, but makes life much more difficult. As a result I will only be flying rifters in lowsec for now and the only T2 gear on them will be the guns.
I have decided with astral I am going to get him the fast talk skill ASAP then switch skill training over to Vespa for a while, I’m hoping the fast talk will improve the sec status faster but its still gonna take a while, and while its going on Vespa will become my main, I will try to use her industrial skills to make a ton of money and just do half hour or an hours ratting when I get on now and then with astral. He will return to high sec when he can.
We also got our first new member to Btek last night, a vet trader player moving from a one man corp to us for a little more company, I’m hoping he will be the first of many to join us and help make Btek great again.

I have decided at the end of each post now to give you a update of astrals sec status so you can see how he is progressing..

Astral = -9.38