Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Cleansing 1

The gate flashed in the remote system.
Astral ran a quick scan of the system while the tempry cloak, a side affect of the gate, kept him from the non existent eyes,
“1 capsuleer in system.. 4 belts, 1 station” he quickly noted..
His thrusters flashed aligning the rifter to one of the belts..
“Lets go fish” he whispered to himself as the inertia of the warp drive washed over him

The rifter landed smoothly at the edge of the belt, he checked for local pirate types, 2 sansha cruisers were patrolling the field..perfect..
The rifter kicked off towards them as fast as the afterburner would permit, locking both targets astral began chewing them up with the 3 150mm auto’s he was using. A few moments later only the two wrecks remained..
Awarning light sounded urgently on instinct astral pulled the ship into alignment at full speed with a he checked the scanner..
A Arbitrator class cruiser landed a few KM away…astral kicked the rifter to warp as the capsuleer piloted cruiser lanched a flight of T2 drones towards him..
He entered the warp tunnel before the arbitrator could resolve a lock..the main reason he had chosen the rifter for this job…it was very hard to catch..and he knew he was alone..
He landed at the unfamiliar station and was towed into the docking cradle by its drones..the battle scars seemed to amuse some of the locals.

An hour later astral walked freshly showered into the main supply depot of the station, the manager made a beeline for him clearly eager for capsuleer business..

“ My name is jarod, what can we help you with sir?”
“ I need ammo, preferably barrage S..lot’s of it”
“We only stock EMP S sir…I’m sorry.”
“fine, move 10,000 units to my hold..if there is any problems contact me at the bar..its going to be a long trip”