Thursday, 9 September 2010

smattering of real life and clarification.

Last day or two has been most surprising, the amount of negative comments left on the blog from bitter carebears and alike, all anonymous of course, has been very surprising.
It seems bitter care bears are delighting in the fact im having to rat for my sec status, a dull task but, meh, if I have to I guess.
Also some seem to be criticising me for leaving flashy red to move back to a care bear corp. now my initial reaction was to say some thing along the lines of , who are you to judge me? , but after some thought, I have chosen to share my life in eve through the blog so maybe I do owe my readers some more explanation.

Let me start by explaining I am married , 30 and have a lovely wife.
My wife tolerates my gaming the way I tolerate her shopping, she has always been less than amused when I log in to eve pop the headphones in to log on to vent and ignore her for hours on end (and belive me pvp ops on a roam are hard to leave mid way though). This was always explained to corps when I joined that I may be less vocal than others.
These arguments culminated a few nights ago just after moving to flashy red with a some bad news and some good news, either calm down eve playing and leave the headphones alone, or she is leaving. This was followed with the news she may be pregnant. Hense my “I will have less time” comment.

After some talking I decided to leave the PVP time intensive side of eve, and go back to care bearing which allows me to drop what I’m doing at any point to help her I have also said I wont spend EVERY night playing, tho I am on a lot at the moment killing rats. I rejoined Btek as I get on well with the CEO reltso and wanted to build the corp back up with players that want a causal eve life that focus’s on fun and team work.

I hope this has clarified my point of view for people, if you still feel obliged to troll, feel free, I only delete extreme comments or links to gold sellers ect.
Should you be one of the few gamers out there that like me has limited playtime and wants a casual corp or a new player looking to be taught, please come give btek a try, we will be getting on our feet over the next month I have just set some forums up ect, and after I have a chat with relt will be helping with getting more ops in place.