Thursday, 2 September 2010

is that a klingon off the starbord bow? or a worm hole.

I am a true blue explorer.

Last night I made my first tentative steps into probing.
I took out a magnate, didn’t want to risk an amanthea yet, and decided to tech myself to scan crap down, I figured cosmic sigs were good to practice on as they don’t move or disappear.
It took a while to get the hang of it, I found setting the probes in the right formation to perform the scans the hardest part, I kept putting them all on top of each other instead of a nice lattice.
The first 45 mins of scanning were very frustrating, I kept getting 45% hits then losing the sig altogether and restarting, then I realised my mistake and something clicked.
I scanned down 2 wormholes in the matter of a few mins. One was a worm hole leading to hisec, the other was a class two WH.
I am beginning to understand how to do this, once I get good with cosmic sigs…I move on to ships..the watch out fella.
As a side note, im very close to being able to fly a pilgrim…a bloody long way from affording one tho, so may have to look in to hacking and such in low sec as a extra way to make astral some isk, might be fun.