Monday, 13 September 2010

weekend update

Quick update of what has happened over the weekend, I shot some rats and some rocks.
I moved a lot of may smaller ratting ships to egghelende, like the vengeance ect, oddly no one wanted to pick a fight when I fly that, fly a rifter and everyone wants to take a pot shot at me..still.
I also had a chat with another old friend of mine, noah vale, who is the CEO of Top Gear Ventures (the corp EVE SOB is in) who have a little chunk of null out in provi now, there is a chance I may be able to be set blue to them to go rat out there for a month to repair my sec status, which would make life easier. Rather than try to move my battlecruisers down there, I have sold a couple of them off and will buy one down there if it goes ahead. Just waiting on an answer for astral now.

Vespa spent most of the weekend popping rocks, I have discovered I really need to invest another month in her to get her into a hulk and get her refining and manufacturing skills up so she can build me my ships cheep. Will do that soon…probably.

The recruitment for Btek is going well we have had several members join, seems a lot of people that have been sitting in 1 man corps because they didn’t feel they could commit to the requirements a lot of corps have in place, but are now looking for a bit of company and are finding Btek is perfect for casual players. It surprised me as I was expecting a lot of new players what we are getting is a lot of quite experienced players that have always operated solo. If any new players do join they now have quite a large pool of experience to learn from which can only be a good thing.
Lastly I have been ordered to remain in contact with flashy red and given an open invite to return or join them on any ops in the future, so I can still get my yarr on if I have time. Goes to show what a good bunch of players those pirates can be lol.

Astral = -9.28
Have fun